Greenville Museum alliance

Greenville Area Historical Society

The mission of the Greenville Area Historical Society is to create an awareness and an appreciation

23 West Main Street

Greenville, PA

Greenville Railroad Park & Museum


314 Main Street

Greenville, PA

Greenville Canal Museum


 60 Alan Avenue

 Greenville, PA  


Who we are

The Greenville Museum Alliance consists of 6 members, 2 of each the Greenville Railroad Park and Museum, the Greenville Historical Society, and the Greenville Canal Museum. It is an Umbrella organization to coordinate shared activities for the benefit of the 3 museums. Each of the museum operate independently and maintain its own finances.                                                                                

News and Events

2020 Calendars Available November 1, at the NEWS DEPOT, Main St. Greenville. Also from any board member. We will gladly mail a calendar(s) to you! Send check for $10 plus $2.00 shipping($12 EACH calendar) to:

G.A.H.S., P.O. Box 25, Greenville PA 16125.

Event Details